Products we RECOMMEND

Real Loofah- Using this fabulous little thing every day will be sure to keep ingrowns away! 

Perfect For Bumps (PFB)- Sometimes ingrown hairs happen no matter how diligent you are.  This is a roll on stick that is acid based (instead of alcohol based), which means it doesn't burn, or cause dry and itchy skin.  This will get rid of them and be preventative!

We have these products for sale in the office for your convenience.



Here is a tutorial video on how I wax a male brazilian aka Manzilian with hard wax. As you'll see, it's pretty painless and super quick! 
NOTE: For mature audiences only.  If you are not 18 years old, you cannot legally watch this video.

This video was made to teach my employees how to wax a Manzilian, but it’s also informative for clients. As you can can be painless! Schedule today to find out why we only use hard wax and why we have the best technique!