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Michelle made my first manzilian a breeze. A nice relaxing atmosphere and Michelle's friendly demeanor helped to calm my nerves and removed any awkwardness from the situation. The entire process, from the online scheduling to the actually waxing, was quick and professional. If you are thinking about getting waxed, don't hesitate to try Waxologie.
- Brian K. from Creedmoor, NC

I am so happy that I met Michelle and was introduced to her wonderful world of waxing!! She is meticulous, makes the procedure pain-free, quick and I always enjoy our conversations. You will love this place and Michelle!!!! She is the best in her field!!!
- Stacey A. from Raleigh, NC

My first experience at Waxologie was great. Very comfortable place and highly recommend any one for their wax needs. It has a warm welcome and very private feel and Michelle is very understanding and professional!
- Brandon B. from Timberlake, NC

It’s easy to book through the mind body app and the waxing is a near painless procedure! So much less painful than the yellow wax and cloth strips!
- Jennifer C. from Wake Forest, NC

My first time nerves were all for nothing! Michelle was sweet, chill and down to earth. The location feels like a relaxing spa when you walk in. I've already scheduled my next appointment.
- Melissa B. from Wendell, NC

Michelle is great! Her new location is relaxing and clean. The hard wax is incredible ... having had the traditional "strip wax" before, I was dreading my appointment as a necessary evil. Boy was I surprised! This is as close to painless as a Brazilian wax can get. And Michelle is so fun, professional, and informative, it's over before you know it. After my first visit, i knew this would be my go-to place for waxing from now on. The online scheduling is great, too ... and it actually works! 
- Coleen S. from Raleigh, NC


This was my very first waxing experience ever, and to add to that, I'm 8 months pregnant. Michelle was absolutely awesome! She talked me through the entire process and she made sure  I was comfortable each step of the way. I was extremely nervous, but she was a pro! The spa was very clean, she was very professional and overall this was a great experience. I'm so glad I decided to go to Michelle for my first waxing. I will be back!
- B.L. from Durham, NC

She moves quickly while doing a thorough job. Michelle is friendly and very easy to get along with. I continue to drive to Raleigh for her services, instead of getting waxed in Durham because of her great services and prices. I highly recommend Michelle and her services!
- Heidi S. in Durham, NC

I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed my first time there. When you walk in its calming and welcoming.  The waxing is painless since she uses hard wax. I was listened to about what I wanted, at other places they shape the eyebrows the way they want, not me. I'm so grateful I found such a charming business.
- Nancy B. from Raleigh, NC


I don't live in Raleigh, and it takes me over an hour to get to my appointment, but I'll never go elsewhere! Michelle has been so great about trying to work me in when I'm running behind schedule, but most importantly, she makes brazilian, underarm and leg waxing painless and effortless. I don't even keep razors in my shower anymore since I've been seeing Michelle. Personally I love her new place and I also appreciate that she uses hard wax, which is less painful. 
- Mona L. from Goldsboro, NC


After reading the great reviews about Michelle and also about the hard wax, I decided to go here for my first wax EVER! I did the full Brazilian and underarm combo the first time, and it was not bad at all. I was expecting it to be really painful, but she made the pain as minimal as possible (it is still wax, after all!) and talked me through everything. Also, for a situation that could be potentially awkward, Michelle makes it very comfortable and laid back. I was very satisfied with the results! I just got done with my second session and I will definitely continue to go here for all of my waxing needs :)
- Stephanie D. from Raleigh, NC


I have been going to Michelle for over a year and I love it!  I will never go back to shaving!  It has been life-changing.  Try it won't be disappointed.
- Tamara S. from Raleigh, NC


I've been seeing Michelle for over a year mostly for eyebrow waxing. I had tried other wax places before and it was always very painful or my brows came out too thin. Michelle's process is not painful for me, and my brows always come out looking great. I had one facial and it was a pleasant experience - my skin looked and felt so nice afterward. I plan on getting another facial soon. She's always professional and pleasant.
- Sherry P. from Raleigh, NC


Michelle is awesome!  Never have I had a waxing so painless.  She's very friendly, very good at what she does, and that wax she uses is AMAZING!  I would recommend her to anyone.  Wonderful service she provides!
- Heidi D. from Hurdle Mills, NC


I'm visiting from out of town, so I made an appointment based on Yelp reviews. I wasn't disappointed and would definitely recommend this place to anyone. Fast and friendly service in a very quiet, clean and professional environment.
- G.M. from Alexandria, VA


Michelle is amazing!!! I've been seeing her 1-2 times a month the past 2 years for bikini extended and eyebrow waxes and I highly recommend her. I was pretty scared for my first hard wax appointment after several bad regular waxing experiences, but was surprised to find out how much better hard wax is. Michelle was very straight forward with what it would be like and it was exactly how she described. She knows exactly what she's doing and is very efficient. I became a member (which is a really great deal) after a couple months and have been hooked ever since! Definitely give her a try.
- Mary A. from Raleigh, NC

Michelle is amazing.  I have been using her for over a year.  I switched over to her at a friends recommendation after a horrible waxing experience, which we still laugh about to this day!  I wish that I had found her sooner.  She is a master at her craft, knowledgeable about what does and doesn't work and her products are fantastic.
- Amanda C. from Raleigh, NC

Michelle is amazing. Very knowledgeable about skin and will give you great pointers to make the next appointment go even quicker. The type of wax makes even getting a Brazilian near painless. I doubt you'll have a better experience anywhere else.
- Charlotte G. from Raleigh, NC

I was nervous to try waxing but I am so glad I did. Michelle is absolutely great at what she does. She is not only professional but very personable as well. Michelle makes you feel comfortable through the whole process, which I really appreciate. I was worried it would be awkward but since day one it has never felt that way and I keep coming back. I have seen great results and I owe it all to Michelle.
- Erin R. from Raleigh, NC

I've been coming to Michelle for over 2 years and I absolutely love it. She is an excellent esthetician and truly takes time to get to know her customers. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone in the area with waxing needs. She will not disappoint!
- Jennifer E. from Raleigh, NC


I found waxologie when I moved to Raleigh a couple of years ago and have not been to any other shop for waxing services since. I've even signed up for a membership to make sure that I don't miss a month. The shop is clean, comfortable, and in a great location. Michelle is professional, but also great to talk to. She's knowledgeable, trustworthy, and very passionate about her business. The waxing experience is nearly painless; plus it's quick and doesn't leave a mess. I would recommend Michelle's services to anyone in the area. #ILoveWaxologie
- Jasmine B. from Raleigh, NC


I was going to European Wax Center before I tried Waxologie. Seriously, night and day difference. Waxologie is very much so worth the price. Michelle does an amazing job at making you feel comfortable and the wax she uses is way less painful than what they use at EWC. By far the best waxing experience I've ever had and I will continue going here as long as I am in the area.
- Andriana C. from Raleigh, NC

Michelle is the BEST! I have been going to her for over 5 years and she has her practice mastered! I have very sensitive skin and not once have I experienced a breakout after waxing. I would recommend Michelle and Waxologie to everyone!
- Ashley C. from Raleigh, NC

My first time at Waxologie exceeded expectations! Michelle is lovely! The location and layout of her space is great! Thankful for previous Yelp reviewers because they led me to her!
- LaToya F. from Raleigh, NC

Michelle makes me feel comfortable, she talks me through the process and makes it a calm, supporting environment. I can count on her to be ready for me when I arrive, and she does a great job with conversation to take my mind off any of the waxing that could stress me out. I absolutely LOVE my new waxing routine... bye-bye nicks and bikini line hair stubble. Not a worry anymore!! Best decision to come to this business and Michelle.
- Lauren M. from Raleigh, NC

Waxologie was great! I loved the atmosphere. I enjoyed the quick and painless wax. I was in and out in no time.
- Carly Z. from Raleigh, NC

Love this place and the owner is so nice and always is very polite and respectful and helps me any time I have doubts or fears about anything.
- Amanda B. from Raleigh, NC

It's been about 3-4 months since my last waxing and I finally decided to search for a new esthetician in the area. Ms. Michelle was amazing from start to finish. She talked to me through the whole process. For someone who has a LOW tolerance for pain, it was a smooth process. Will I be returning? ABSOLUTELY! She's my new go to for waxing services.
- Destiny M. from Raleigh, NC


I have been to several spas and salons in the area, and Michelle is by far the best I have every encountered.  Not only does she do my service in 1/3 of the time of any other, it is virtually painless and perfecto!  I highly recommend Michelle for her waxing services.
- Karen S. from Wake Forest, NC


I got a Brazillian...from a ninja. Michelle is by far the most efficient waxer I've ever seen. The hard wax is painless and it's on and off before you really know what happened. And it's girly pink. I don't know why that matters, but somehow it does.
Michelle is really nice, but if you're someone who views waxers the way the rest of us view dentists and need a little more tlc, this isn't the place for you. But if you want it done quickly, painlessly, and well, Michelle has my wholehearted recommendation. Plus the online scheduling system saves you the pain of flipping through your calendar while the person on the other end flips through theirs. Geez, it's not a date.

- Kelsey C. from Redondo Beach, CA


I have now seen Michelle for 3 brazilian waxes...she's amazing!! She only uses hard wax, so that means it's less painful and you get better results - it's no joke people! She was so fast and she has two happy AND my husband!! :-)  After looking for different Estheticians to wax me via Groupon or Living Social and having no luck (you get what you pay for!), I finally decided to look on Yelp for the best places and after doing my research...I'm so glad I found Michelle! The monthly membership gives you a nice discount on services! I signed up at my 2nd visit :-)
- Melissa W. from Raleigh, NC


Michelle is absolutely wonderful.  Before coming here, I had a terrible brazilian waxing experience and I never planned on having one again.  She was very professional and friendly. I will absolutely be going back to see her!!
- Lauren S. in Durham, NC


I love to wax and I recently took the plunge and jumped from face waxing to  getting a full Brazilian wax also.  I am a student at UNC and usually go home to Atlanta get my waxes while visiting....well no more of that since yesterday.  My girlfriend bought me a gift certificate and I am in love!!! Michelle is the nicest and most pleasant esthetician that I've met.  I've had other hard waxes done before coming to her and this is the BEST and least PAINFUL experience I EVER, EVER had!!  She makes you feel comfortable and the environment is very one on one, serene and relaxing.  We all know that waxing is painful but by the time I left, I had a brazilian, lip and chin wax and the only reason I didn't get my underarms done was that I forgot and shaved the day before.  The hard wax she uses doesn't stick to your body so much that you get that painful pulling feeling when the wax is being taken off.  She also prepares as she does each part and she waxes a large amount of the area at once.  She informs you about your skin and will answer all of your questions (I like to talk while on the table to keep my mind off the waxing).  I apologize to my home esthetician Kristi, but she has won me over.  She's not trying to sell you anything or pressure you, she just wants you to look beautiful, one wax at a time!!!! 
- Aundrea S. from Durham, NC


Anxiety level near max, I entered not knowing what to expect. Michelle greeted me with a warm smile. As I am an inexperienced wax-er , I was unsure about protocol and what to expect. I pleasantly surprised. This waxing was really much less painful than my last encounter with the regular wax and fabric strip method. Her prices are very competitive, results great-I will be returning!

- Mustang M. from Fuquay Varina, NC


Michelle has a good thing going here! Wonderful personality and service! I'm new to town and she made me feel like I knew my way around a bit more after leaving my appointment! I will become an Oasis regular!
- Anna G. from Omaha, NE


I absolutely love Michelle, and her waxing services! I have been a customer of Michelle's since 2012 and am finally getting around to leaving a review. I would have never imagined that getting a Brazilian would be something that I actually enjoyed doing, but Michelle makes it an almost painless experience. The wax she uses is different to the ones used at most salons which is a great thing as it does not hurt much. She is fun to talk to and a great listener as well. Michelle is also super knowledgeable  about her business and is so thorough with her work. I highly recommend her and her business!
- Alvely A. from Raleigh, NC

I've been going to Michelle for years now and have loved my experience with her! She is knowledgable and professional, but is also very warm and welcoming. We always have great little chats and she puts you at ease with what can be an uncomfortable situation. My favorite part is being able to book my appointments online, that way I can work around my own schedule. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my waxing needs. Michelle is truly a master at what she does, making waxing near-painless every time.
- Robyn H. from Raleigh, NC


I got my very first brazilian from Michelle in 2013. I was a young, nervous college student, but she was soothing and assured me that she would be as quick and painless as possible. She did a fabulous job, and I went there for several months until I graduated and moved out of the area. I had no idea (thanks to her) how truly awful brazilians can be until I started seeing someone else in my hometown. When I moved back to Raleigh about six months ago, I began to see Michelle again, and I am so thankful to be back in her hands!!! I'll never see someone else as long as she and I are both in the same area. She's truly skilled at her profession and genuinely cares about your well-being. Also, it's worth mentioning that she is a hard wax only salon, which I love. I have extremely sensitive and irritable skin, but she chooses the highest quality wax and I leave with bare minimum redness. Within 24 hours, my skin is smooth and unblemished. I really can't talk about her highly enough...
- Brittany L. from Raleigh, NC


I have gone to Michelle many times for a few different waxing services. I have always found her to be nothing but professional and courteous. The wax she uses (hard wax) doesn't hurt near as much as the typical type that sticks to your skin. Her space is always neat and clean, and she has always been able to work with my hectic schedule. I found her a few years ago and I plan to continue seeing her for all my waxing needs in the future. I'd highly recommend a visit if you're thinking about it.
- Sandy L. from Raleigh, NC