The mission is simple: help clients feel comfortable and amazing, as well as offer an outstanding service at a competitive price.  We truly love what we do and we are dedicated to providing a personalized, relaxing experience by using modern techniques and high quality wax that is not commonly used.  We have a desire to continually educate our clients to ensure they will receive current and accurate information, which will ensure they have the best wax results.  So come on in for the best Brazilian or Manzilian wax you've ever had!


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MICHELLE: Owner & Esthetician - She is a recovering corporate ladder climber turned Esthetician.  Michelle needed more of a creative and rewarding career that she felt more passionate about, so Michelle earned her Esthetics degree from Madison Cosmetology College in 2006.  Not long after that, it didn't take long for Michelle to realize that she could start her own business in Raleigh, NC where she could offer higher quality waxing services and products in a more private and comfortable atmosphere.  Know that Michelle's passion is hair removal, skin care, and giving her clients the best experience possible. 

So what are a few of the brazilian reasons to make an appointment at waxologie?  Well, we believe knowledge is power and if you have the knowledge, then you have the make good decisions for yourself.  Like getting all of your wax services done with only HARD WAX, so you're not left with irritated skin or super stickiness for days afterwards, and not drinking caffeine on the day of your wax, and keeping up with it every 4 weeks so it doesn't hurt as the process, because it really won't!  If you hate to shave or just can't because it's so traumatic to your skin, then you'll love waxing because it's the opposite of it!  We look forward to helping you :-)


Brazilian waxing was brought to the U.S. in the late 80’s by seven sisters from Brazil, but the history of it can be traced as far back as 3,000 years ago in Egypt.  The Egyptians got brazilian waxes for celebrations and ceremonies, using a sugar paste mixed with lemon (now called sugaring).  The seven sisters opened their own salon in New York City and introduced the brazilian wax. For these ladies, brazilian waxing had always been regular routine their entire lives.  The women of Brazil get hair removal to keep cool, for personal hygiene, to show off in skimpy bathing suits and lingerie.  Since it has been introduced, hair removal (especially the brazilian wax) has become a common practice for women (and men!) of any age, all over the United States.